• DC220V to DC48V10A DC/DC Converter 19inch 1U for communication use
  • DC220V to DC48V10A DC/DC Converter 19inch 1U for communication use

DC220V to DC48V10A DC/DC Converter 19inch 1U for communication use

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  • DD220T4810
  • Guangdong, China
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  • 10000 Set / Sets per Month
Product Details
Output Power:Other, 480W Output Type:Single Size:235mm*485mm*45mm
Weight:4 Kg Input Voltage:220V Output Voltage:48V
Type:DC/DC Converters Output Current:10A
Product Description


DC220V to DC48V10A DC/DC Converter 19inch 1U for communication use

Model: DD220T4810


DC/DC Converter is specially designed for meeting the requirements of all kinds of communication equipments of communication and electric power departments.

DC/DC Converter adopts the high frequency switching technology and has many good points, including high accuracy voltage stabilizing, low output noise, strong capacity of resisting disturbance, small volume, light weight, beautiful external shape, etc.


  • Input and output complete isolation, safety and credibility
  • Advance current control mode and stable & reliable circuit topological structure
  • The key parts all adopt the imported components, and main technical indexes are much higher than the national related standards
  • Strong protection functions: output over/under voltage, overcurrent, short-circuit and input over/ under voltage, and overtemperature protection
  • Adopt no-master automatic equalized current technology, can parallel connection, convenient to extend the capacity

Technical Parameter:

Technical Index

Performance Parameter

Input Voltage Range


Output Voltage Range


Output Rated Value

48 Vdc

Output Current

10 Adc

Load Regulation


Degree of unbalanceness for equalized current


Power Grid Regulation


Phone Weighted Noise Voltage

300~3400Hz    ≤2mV (CCITT)

Peak - Peak Noise Voltage


Wide Frequency Noise Voltage

3.4 ~ 150KHz   ≤100mV

0.15 ~ 30MHz   ≤30mV

Discrete Noise Voltage

3.4 ~ 150KHz  ≤5 mV

150 ~ 200KHz  ≤3 mV

250 ~ 500MHz  ≤2 mV

0.5 ~ 30MHz   ≤1 mV



Dynamic Response

20% ~ 100% Step Load ≤200 us

170V ~ 265Vac Step to power grid ≤200 us

Output Overvoltage Protection

50±1 Vdc

Output Current Limiting Protection

11±0.5 Adc

Input High-voltage Current-limiting Protection

≤72±1 Vdc

Overtemperature Protection


Working Temperature



100,000 Hrs.


4 Kg


Rack-mounted (D×W×H)


Wall-mount type (L×W×H )