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Description:Function (Version: 3.21)U6 KEY PROGRAMMER,which the most unique copy tool in the world,does the same works that all of other copy tools do and also can record your customers to a computer.Even If A customer that had come to you before, who lost his/her all of keys, you can write a key with U6 KEY PROGRAMMER. In addition, U6 KEY PROGRAMMER can program all keys which use texas transponders (Toyota until 2004, Daihatsu until 2005, Ford, Suzuki, Hyundai, Proton, Infiniti, lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi).Nova and Philips chips to default (fabricating) settings. With PC or not, you can operate any functions. This device can be read out exact chip code directly for 60-68-XX , such as iD 60 (General Type);ID 61, ID  62 (Mitsubishi); ID 63 (Ford); ID 64 (Renault, Chrysler); ID 65, ID 66 (Suzuki), ID 67, ID 68 (Toyota / Lexus); XX (New model cars or General Models). It also can be used together with computer or laptop to read out and write the chip code.

ADD U6-Crypto Adapter:Function :* U6 KEY PROGRAMMER uses together with the ID 42 Adapter:* It can realise the functions of copying ID 42 transponders without password.

Add Fiat AdapterFunction :* U6 KEY PROGRAMMER uses together with the Fiat Adapter:* Just use normal ID 48 chips, it can realise the functions of copying Crypto ID 48 transponders, such as: Palio, an so on.* Can be used to read out IC code for 93C66 automatically.* Do not need to programmer keys on car. After programming, the key can start the car directly!* Support on adding new keys and available for the program when all keys lost (In the future, U6 KEY PROGRAMMER can be updated to copy 4D chips, please pay attention to ourwebsite for latest Info.)

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