• 4000W Power Frequency Pure sine wave inverter
  • 4000W Power Frequency Pure sine wave inverter
  • 4000W Power Frequency Pure sine wave inverter
  • 4000W Power Frequency Pure sine wave inverter

4000W Power Frequency Pure sine wave inverter

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Product Description

【Technical parameters】General specificationInput wave form:            sine wave Nominal voltage:        120VAC       230VAC Low voltage trip:       90v±4%     184v/154v±4% Low voltage re engage:  100±4%     194v/164v±4% High voltage trip:      140v±4%    253v±4% High voltage re engage: 135v±4%    243v±4% Max input AC voltage:   150VAC       270VAC Nominal input frequency:50HZ or 60HZ(Auto detect) Low freq trip:          47HZ for 50HZ,57HZ for 60HZ High freq trip:         55HZ for 50HZ,65HZ for 60HZ Output wave form:       (bypass mode)same as input Overload protection:    Circuit breaker Short circuit protection:Circuit breaker Transfer switch rating:  30amp 0r 40amp Efficiency on line transfer mode: 95%+ line transfer time:      10ms Typical Bypass without battery connected: YES Max bypass current: 30amp or40amp Bypass over load current:30 amp or 45amp:Alarm

Inverter specification/outputOutput wave form:       Pure sine wave Output continuos power watts:1000  2000   3000   4000   5000  6000 Output continuos power VA:   1000  2000   3000   4000   5000  6000 Power factor:      0.9-1.0 Nominal output voltage rms: 120/230VAC Output voltage regulation:  ±10%rms Output frequency: 50HZ±0.3HZ or 60Hz±0.3Hz Nominal efficiency:>88% Surge ratings:               3000  6000   9000   12000  15000   18000 Short circuit protection:Yes,fault after 10 secs

Inverter specification/inputNominal input voltage:      12v         24v         48v Minimum start voltage:      10v         20v         40v Low battery alarm:          10.5v       21v         42v Low battery trip:           10v         20v         40v High voltage alarm:         16v         32v         64v Power saver:           Below 25watts when enabled Power saver:           Same switched on/off onremote

Charger mode specification Input voltage range:   95-127VAC  194-243VAC/164-243VAC(W) Output voltage:        Dependent on battery type Charge current:        35A/70A Battery initial voltage for start up: 0-15.7v for12v(*2 for 24v;*4 for 48v) Over charge protection shutdown:15.7v for 12v(*2 for 24v;*4 for 48v)

charger curves(4 stage constant surrent) battary types 4 step digital controlled progressive charge

Battery type:              fast V       Float V(*2 for 24v;*4 for 48v) Gel U.S.A                  14.0         13.7 A.G.M.1                    14.1         13.4 A.G.M.2                    14.6         13.7 Sealed lead acid           14.4         13.6 Gel euro                   14.4         13.8 Open lead acid             14.8         13.3 Calcium                    15.1         13.6 De-sulphation              15.5 for 4hrs Rwmote control/RS232/USB   Yes.Optional Size:in mm                 1000/2000/3000 Model:442*218*179mm                            4000/5000/6000 Model:598*218*179mm Weight:                    1000W(18kg) 2000W(20kg) 3000W(22kg)                            4000W(35kg) 5000W(38kg) 6000W(40kg)

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